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The Door Locks

The door locks are now out of the bag!

After learning about Lock Bumping we are now in the process of coming up with a solution. We discovered a type of door lock that was recently developed, and will be selling them hear in the near future.

We recently took our new locks, both padlocks, handsets, and deadbolts to a convention full of lock pickers. The convention video will get posted also very soon, but we discovered one thing. TheDoorLocks.com locks were not picked and were not bumped in a huge room of lock pickers, while every other one was!

The video is particularly interesting, some of it funny, and a little concerning. The crazy thing is that the one other lock, widely advertised as being bump proof, has now been shown to be both bumpable and pickable.

No fears though, because the product we will be selling here in my opinion is the best solution on the market, and I have not yet seen anyone bump or pick these locks.

Our goal here is to create the best door lock website on the internet, and with the team we have behind us I predict that is what we are going to have. We will be showcasing door locks and possibly related home security products, focusing on the best available on the market.

Lock Bumping is becoming more and more known, and as it does bump proof locks are going to be required by pretty much anyone on the planet concerned about security.